Banff Doghouse - Our Story

Banff has been our home for just over 12 years. 

The Banff Dog house was created out of our desire to build a new concept store dedicated to all things dogs and their humans for locals and visitors to Banff, Canada.

We opened our doors for business the afternoon of December 29, 2016.  Late that evening a fire broke out in the building the store was located in resulting in a complete shutdown and rebuild.  Undaunted and convinced that the concept was viable we re-opened the store in September 2017. 

Everyday since we have dedicated ourselves to elevating the Banff Doghouse experience through use of thoughtfully curated and custom designed products, offering everything dog from the functional to the fabulous, active to adventuresome.  All of it housed in a distinctive, whimsically designed pet friendly shop that encourages engagement, conversation and of course sharing of stories and pictures of the four-leggeds!

The product we have curated for this site is a sampling of those product and focuses on some of our most popular items and will continue to grow and build as we do.

Throughout our years together we have fostered and adopted many rescues who have collectively and individually reinforced the saying that Two Feet Move Your Body And Four Feet Move Your Soul, but this store was inspired by Nino our CEO (Canine Entertainment Officer) who came to us at 5 years old from Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue. Nino shared all of life adventures for over 10 years until we lost him to cancer in March 2020. He lives on now through the lessons he taught us about loyalty, authenticity, the value of long walks, listening with big ears, and calmness.